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When cooking with gas put the cover over the pans and use only as much flame as necessary (Remember that slightly boiling water cooks foods at the same temperature as water that is rapidly boiling).

Save on Water

There are a number of ways to save money on your water bill. Below are a few suggestions to help you conserve water.

  1. Aerators, flow regulators, and displacement devices will help you save money.
  2. Check your washing machine. Does the water level on the dial match what's in the machine?
  3. Install low-flow toilets that use much less water than older models.
  4. Like to water your yard? Get a separate service for watering that beautiful green and save on your sewer costs, or collect rain water.
  5. Make sure the dishwasher is full before running it.
  6. Properly chlorinate water in swimming pools, even the inexpensive backyard kid's pools, so you don't have to re-fill as often.
  7. Put a bit of food coloring in each toilet tank in your home. Without flushing, watch to see if the color shows up in the bowl. It's not uncommon to lose up to 100 gallons a day from one of these otherwise invisible toilet leaks.
  8. Repair leaks in water hoses.
  9. Short showers use less water than baths.
  10. Soaker hoses or trickle irrigation reduce run-off and are 20% more efficient than sprinklers.
  11. Stop running water just for the sake of hearing it run when washing dishes, washing the car or even brushing your teeth!
  12. Stop those drips! A faucet that drips water can waste up to 3,280 gallons of water per year!
  13. Thaw food in the refrigerator instead of running water over it.
  14. Use a broom, instead of water to clean the carport floor or driveway.

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