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Save on Electricity

There are a number of ways to save money on your electric bill. Below are a few suggestions to help you conserve electricity.

  1. Add a waste heat recovery water heating system to save as much as 35% to 55% on water heating costs with central air conditioning systems and as much as 50% to 70% with a system using a central heat pump.
  2. Add vents to gables, ridges, and overhangs to prevent heat buildup in attic areas.
  3. Add water flow restrictors to shower heads and faucets and reduce annual water heating costs from 5% to 10%.
  4. Caulk windows, doors, baseboards, exhaust fans, dryer vents, and other places where pipes and wires enter the house to save 1% to 4%.
  5. Clean cooling coils on refrigerators and freezers regularly and ensure proper air flow to improve efficiency.
  6. Dry clothes on a clothesline if you want to save between 2% and 4% on your yearly bill.
  7. Ensure that your air conditioning unit, and air handler, are clean and free of debris. Bent or damaged cooling fans can seriously decrease performance. Bent fins can be fixed with a special comb available at most hardware stores.
  8. Experiment with raising your usual thermostat setting in summer because every degree raised will save you between 5% to 10% of your cooling cost.
  9. Get a yearly checkup for your cooling system too because a properly maintained system can save between 1% and 13%.
  10. Get a yearly checkup for your home heating system. Duct leaks, incorrect settings, and inefficient systems can easily increase your bill by 15%.
  11. If you're going to be gone two or more days, turn off your hot water heating system and set the thermostat settings higher if its summer and lower if its winter and save 10% to 20% off your annual bill.
  12. On sunny winter days, open your drapes and shades to take advantage of the free heat from the sun
  13. Plug leaks in attics, basements, fireplaces and even around electrical outlets to save 1% to 2%.
  14. Reduce your hot water heater temperature by 20 degrees and save between 5% and 10% on your annual water heating bill.
  15. Remember, showers use less hot water than a bath - 10 gallons for a 5-minute shower, 25 gallons for a hot bath.
  16. Replace your central air conditioning unit with high efficiency equipment to save between 14% and 40% on your annual cooling cost.
  17. Replace your old electric resistance heat system with a heat pump to cut your annual heating costs by as much as 50%.
  18. Set your thermostat at 68 degrees in winter - no higher than 70 degrees and save approximately 6.2 percent on your heating cost.
  19. Use an insulated hot water heater cover to decrease heat loss in the home and increase hot water heater efficiency.
  20. Use florescent lights in the place of incandescent lights. Most of these devices are 500% more efficient then their incandescent equivalent and last 5 to 10 times longer. They also produce much less heat within your home.
  21. Weatherstrip windows and doors and save 1% to 8%.

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