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Get a yearly checkup for your home heating system. Duct leaks, incorrect settings, and inefficient systems can easily increase your bill by 15%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.My water is brown (or cloudy, or smells bad, or tastes funny). What's wrong with it?
A.Call the Riviera Utilities Water Department at (251) 943-5001. A Riviera employee may collect a water sample for analysis. Discuss your problem with a Water Department employee.

Q.How do I report a water main break?
A.All calls for this type of emergency can be reported 24 hours a day by calling Riviera Utilities at (251) 943-5001. Riviera is responsible for breaks in water mains, but the property owner is responsible for breaks on private property. However, reporting the problem immediately will help reduce the loss of water.

Q.Why is my water bill so high?
A.For all questions about your water bill, call the Customer Service Department at (251) 943-5001. They can help you resolve most problems over the phone.

Q.Why doesn't my water come on?
A.If you water bill is current, there may be utility work in your area that required cutting off water for a period of time. Call Riviera Utilities at (251) 943-5001 to find out. If there is a problem with your water bill, call the Riviera’s Customer Service Department at (251) 943-5001 for remedy.

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