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Public Awareness Message forAffected Public

To All Customers
In Our Service Area

Riviera Utilities owns and operates utility distribution systems (natural gas, electricity, water, waste water, and cable tv) in your area for the purpose of providing efficient and reliable utilities. Riviera Utilities performs regular maintenance on the distribution systems in order to provide continued safe and reliable energy choices for our customers.

In order to avoid damage to underground utilities
The Alabama Line Location Center

If you are planning any type of excavation,
please CALL BEFORE YOU DIG at least
48 hours in advance to have underground
utility lines marked.

What To Do If You Detect A Gas Leak:
OUTDOORS: Call Riviera Utilities Immediately at 251-943-5001
INDOORS: If odor is strong, open doors and windows and avoid
creating any potential ignition source (light switch or other spark).
Call Riviera Utilities from outside of the building at 251-943-5001

If Odor Is Extremely Strong, Evacuate The Building
For further information contact the main office at:
Riviera Utilities
413 Laurel Avenue
Foley, Alabama 36536

If you have a gas emergency or suspect a leak, leave the location and call 251-943-5001.

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