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If you're going to be gone two or more days, turn off your hot water heating system and set the thermostat settings higher if its summer and lower if its winter and save 10% to 20% off your annual bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What can I do with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?
A.DVR provides you with the ability to record your favorite programs all
season long, in addition to allowing you to pause and rewind live TV.
You can even set REMINDERS so you don’t miss shows you want to watch.

Q.How easy is it to use a DVR?
A.Using your DVR is easy. When you want to record a program, press the
RECORD button. When you want to pause TV, press the PAUSE button. It's that simple.

Q.How many hours of TV can I record?
A.Recording capacity depends on the video format that is being used.
For digital programs, you have approximately 80 hours of storage
space, and with high-definition you have approximately 25 hours with a DCH 6416.

Q.How long can I keep my recordings?
A.You can keep your favorite programs as long as you want, or until the drive is full, then you will have to delete programming to free up space for more recordings.

Q.What are the advantages of having a dual-tuner DVR?
A.With a dual-tuner, you can watch one program while recording another.
You can even record two of your favorite programs at the same time while watching a recorded program.

Q.What equipment do I need to get started?
A.You will need an HDTV/DVR converter box and a remote. It is
virtually the same size as a DVD player and can be conveniently
placed on top or near your TV.

Q.Can I record Pay-Per-View programs?
A.You may record Pay-Per-View programs like any other program.

Q.Can I watch a program while I am recording another?
A.You can watch a previously recorded program while you are
recording a live program by accessing the DVR menu. However, if
you change channels, a screen will appear asking you to confirm
this channel change and stop the recording.

Q.Can I receive and record programs in high-definition with my DVR?
A.Yes! As long as you have the DVR connected to a high-definition
television (HDTV), you can watch HDTV programming as well as
record it on your DVR.(You must be subscribed to a tier that contains HD programming)

Q.On occasion, a recording starts a minute or two after the program has begun. Why?
A.The DVR timer is synchronized with the program guide. If a
broadcaster starts the program a minute earlier than the program
guide’s scheduled time, the DVR will miss that first minute. It is good practice to start your recording a few minutes early and stop a few minutes late to adjust for any early starts or late endings caused by the programmer.

Q.How will I know when I am almost out of recording space?
A.A message will appear on-screen advising you when recording
space is low (80% full) or full. Note that if you are recording a
program and run out of recording space, the recording will stop.
You can always see how much recording space is available from My
Recordings. You can also manually delete recordings and set your
DVR to automatically delete recorded programs when space needed.

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