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Ensure that your air conditioning unit, and air handler, are clean and free of debris. Bent or damaged cooling fans can seriously decrease performance. Bent fins can be fixed with a special comb available at most hardware stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long will it take to have my Cable TV hooked up?
A.We try to schedule new installations based on the order that customers sign up. Depending on the workload of our technicians, it generally will take several days to be hooked up after you sign up. The installation can be time consuming and therefore may result in a waiting period.

Q.How did you determine which channels to get?
A.We selected the channels by availability and cost. There was a limited selection to choose from that meet that criteria. We try to provide a variety of programming that will be of interest to all of our customers.

Q.Why donít you offer the channels I want?
A.Due to cost restraints, we are unable to carry all of the channels that we have received requests for at this time. But, as more subscribers sign up for digital service, it will become more economical to add programming.

Q.What do I do if I want you to carry a particular channel?
A.We may not be able to add the channel you want right away, but we will be happy to take your request. Your request will be given every consideration when we do make additions to our programming.

Q.If I have problems with the cable do you charge me to make repairs?
A.If the problem is with our equipment there is no charge to you, but if the problem is with your equipment, say to program a VCR, then there is a service charge.

Q.How much is the service charge?
A.$25.00 for the first 30 minutes (minimum) and $30.00 per hour thereafter.
See the rate schedule for more details.

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